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Patient Services


Child Health and Immunisation

All new babies are invited in for their regular check-ups from eight weeks old and are offered the routine childhood vaccinations in accordance with the recommended schedule.

HT-ClinicsCounselling Service

We have a practice counsellor who you can be referred to if you feel you need to talk to someone. Appointments are available weekly.

Focused Care

Ultrasound Scans

If you’ve been referred for a scan, please contact reception for more information and an appointment.


Paediatric Blood Tests

Appointments available weekly.

Healthy Minds

Additional talking therapy and group support. Contact reception for more information.

Asthma Care

Birtle View has a full programme for asthma care and encourages and helps patients to develop a Personalised Asthma Action Plan (PAAP).
If you have been diagnosed with asthma you will be invited to an annual Asthma Review with our nurse. You should receive your invitation annually. This will help you receive an up-to-date assessment for medication, inhaler technique and latest advice and updates. Please bring your medication with you to your appointment.

If you have not been invited to an Asthma review in the past 12 months or have recently joined the practice please speak to a member of the reception team to book an appointment or for further advice on asthma care.

Chronic Conditions

If you’ve got heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, had a stroke or struggle with your mental health then one of our nurses or doctors will invite you in for a check up to make sure you’re as healthy as you can be.


For your local midwives, contact Derby Street Centre Telephone 01706369889

Diet and Exercise Support

Advice and support to get and stay healthy, whether you have a long term condition or you need general advice. This service is provided by Living Well – call 01706 751 190.

Smoking Cessation Clinic

Want to stop smoking? We offer a weekly stop smoking support service which is run by our Healthcare Assistant. We can offer support and advice to help you quit. This service is provided by Living Well – call 01706 751 190.

Sexual Health and Contraception Advice

Run by Virgin Care, the clinics offer support, advice and the fitting and removal of long acting forms of contraception including implants and coils. Call 0300 303 8565 or visit