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GP Surgery

Meet Our Friendly Team

Our staff are committed to providing you with the best healthcare possible and seeing you live life to the full.


  • Dr Rob Hadman (Lead GP) (Male)
  • Dr Sarah Keith (GP) (Female)
  • Dr Andrew Elliott (GP) (Male)


  • Diane Eccles (Practice Nurse) (Female)
  • Sharon Smithies (Diabetes Nurse) (Female)

Healthcare Assistant

  • Sarah Deakin (Female)
  • Donna Jackson (Female)

Non-Clinical Staff

  • Adele Burdon-Bailey (Counsellor)
  • Jerri Prior (Focused Care Practitioner)
  • James Howarth (Counsellor)

Administration Staff

  • Lisa Nolan (Area Manager)
  • Amy Yates (Senior Practice Manager)
  • Jade Heywood (Team Leader)
  • Toni P (Administration)
  • Angela H (Reception)
  • Toni C (Reception)
  • Sarah S (Reception)